EU: eHealth Monthly Focus on DebugIT

Published on: 20/10/2010
Last update: 11/11/2010

Description (short summary): The DebugIT project is developing an IT framework to address the problem of antibiotic resistance. Routinely collected clinical data from hospital information systems enables the detection of patient safety related patterns and trends, as well as acquisition of new knowledge through advanced data mining. In a next step, this knowledge facilitates better decision-making on the optimal treatment of infectious diseases.

After half a century of antibiotic use, re-emerging and new infectious diseases, partially caused by the rise of antimicrobial resistance, have become a major public health concern. The misuse of antibiotics in humans and animals is one of the leading causes of rapid emergence of resistance among pathogens.

Antibiotic resistances lead to escalating healthcare costs, increased morbidity and mortality and the emergence of potentially untreatable conditions. The DebugIT project, a consortium of leading European clinical, academic and industrial partners, aims at developing an IT framework to allow healthcare systems to better address these emergent problems and improve their management.

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