EU: eHealth Monthly Focus on the OLDES Project

Published on: 29/09/2010
Last update: 19/10/2010

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Facing the challenges of an ageing society, there are also chances: technological, social and economic innovation can enhance the quality of life for older and impaired people; moreover they can harness the economic problems of an increasing ageing population and create new business opportunities. In short ICT can make key contributions to an independent living of the elderly.

The Older People's e-Services at Home (OLDES) project offers a new technological solution to improve the quality of life of older people, through the development of a very low cost and easy to use entertainment (teleaccompany) and health care (telemedicine) platform, designed to ease the life of the elderly in their homes.

The OLDES project phases are:

  • To define the system final users' real needs;
  • To develop the platform in relation to those needs and 'expectations';
  • To test and validate the system at 2 locations, in Bologna (Italy) and Prague (Czech Republic). In both cities the system has been tested for the telemedicine aspects involving diabetic patients in Prague and cardiopatic patients in Bologna whereas it has been tested for the teleaccompany aspects only in Bologna:
  • To disseminate, exploit and evaluate the OLDES application.

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