EU: REACTION Project Deliverable - Technical Requirements for Medical Data Management

Published on: 19/09/2010
Last update: 18/01/2011

Description (short summary):
The Remote Accessibility to Diabetes Management and Therapy in Operational healthcare Networks (REACTION) project aims to research and develop an intelligent service platform that can provide professional, remote monitoring and therapy management to diabetes patients in different healthcare regimes across Europe.

This document continues along the path set by D2-1 and D2-5, which began with the generation of scenarios for usage of the REACTION platform. D2-1 described the requirements, needs and priorities of the users. The short and medium-term expectations for primary care and inpatient care, derived from two workshops in Chorleywood and Graz, were outlined. D2-5 presented the methodology, process and results of the initial requirement analysis and engineering phase of WP2 related to the user centric requirements for engineering and validation. The main results of D2-5 was the generation of approximately 280 initial user requirements which forms the foundation for further work on the REACTION project.

This deliverable is based to a large extent on those initial user requirements and covers the task of analysing the technical requirements for a specific medical data management model for the REACTION platform. There are over 130 technical requirements for a REACTION data management model which have been collected, revised, and analysed for this deliverable.

Number of pages: 85

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