Integrated Information System of Social Health Insurances (SIUI) (SIUI)

Published on: 13/06/2005
The Integrated Computerized System (SIUI) represents a solution for improved management of the health insurance national fund and for higher quality medical and pharmaceutical services. The management of the Health Insurance National House focuses on the substantial improvement of the health insurance system in Romania and of the quality of medical and pharmaceutical services. It is in this context that the Health Insurance National House implements the Integrated Computerized System for the Health Insurance System in Romania (SIUI). The Integrated Computerized System for the Health Insurance System in Romania will become a key factor in the development and progress of medical and pharmaceutical services, representing a solution for the improved management of the health insurance national fund and for offering quality medical and pharmaceutical service to the beneficiaries of the insurance system. The Integrated Computerized System of the National Health Insurance House has a major significance in the implementation of computerized systems in the health industry, in the standardization of the health reporting and data processing system, at a national and county level. At the same time, SIUI can easily adjust, both to the national information strategy and to the regulations of the international bodies with which we constantly exchange data.

Main results, benefits and impacts

The decision made by the National Health Insurance House from Romania to inaugurate a multi-functional application meant to ensure the good functioning of the medical and pharmaceutical services in the enitire country has become a certainty. The National Health Insurance House’s option to implement The Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI) has resulted from the necessity to improve the method of managing the unique national fund of social health insurance, in a unitary and effective way. The complex software solution known as The Unique Integrated Information System pursues the judicious administration of the national fund of social health insurance and also the quality improvement of the medical and pharmaceutical services in Romania. Having multiple functions and utilities, SIUI addresses all factors involved in the medical process. The main reason for projecting this system is the optimization of the collaboration between The National Health Insurance House and the District Health Insurance Houses, on the one hand, and the family doctors, the drugstores, the hospitals, the clinical and paraclinical outpatients, the medical appliance providers, the in-house medical care providers, and the ambulance stations on the other hand. The main beneficiaries of the system implementation are the citizen, that will gain, this way, more efficient and qualitative services. SIUI ensures total transparency of expenses made in the health system in Romania, allowing a quick progress in aligning to the European and global standards. Through its specific modules, SIUI bears the capacity to facilitate the state access to a clear and detailed aggregate image of the way in which the money intended for the public health are spent. Owing to this solution, the state has all the necessary tools to thoroughly monitor the correctness and timeliness of its future undertakings, and to make the best decisions with respect to the distribution of the funds collected from the insurance policy holders or of the ones allocated from the state budget. If so far one could only catch snapshots in the life of the insurance policy holder, without having access to the complete medical background of each individual, with the SIUI implementation it becomes possible to rigorously record all the operations implied by the medical process. Thus, the state gains control of both the funds involved and the correctness of the medical decisions made successively in treating each individual.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

The conception and development of all the modules constituting the SIUI only represent the closing of one stage, that will have as a result the installation of The Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI) in all the districts in the country. This system – having a complexity degree that we can say exceeds everything accomplished so far in Romania under this aspect – is intended for one of the most important objectives of a nation: ensuring a decent, European-standard level of supervising the health condition of the Romanian population. SIUI will have to be further developed in order to accomplish the existing desideratum also at the EU level to develop the patient’s electronic medical file, to optimize the processes of prescription and distribution of free and compensated drugs, to achieve a perfect symbiosis between health insurance policies and the care for the health of each individual.