LU: eHealth Action Plan

Published on: 05/07/2006
Last update: 19/10/2010

Description (short summary):  
In the frame of the implementation of the Master plan for electronic governance, the present document aims to define a strategic sectoral plan for eHealth in Luxembourg; its purpose is to create enhanced and coordinated investment in ICT for the health sector. The action plan points out the opportunities of ICT and outlines the projects and actions for achieving such opportunities.

The action plan is the result of the active collaboration of the health sector actors; it suggests a number of key elements for the consideration of policy makers in view of the definition of the national roadmap. The authors - the members of the eHealth working group - recommend the concerted and gradual implementation of the roadmap, in close cooperation with the representative bodies of health professionals and the other actors of the sector.  

The action plan recommends the realisation of an ICT platform with different applications to promote health-related data exchange and sharing. It insists on the required governance of such an investment process and on the need to establish a sustainable business model for the platform.

A very ambitious programme, the action plan pursues the following strategic objectives: 

  • To contribute to improving the quality and the efficiency of healthcare;
  • To contribute to controlling healthcare spending;
  • To promote better health education as well as to increase the transparency of care costs and of alternative treatments;
  • To ensure interoperability between the national healthcare system and those of the other European countries, in a way to cover the care of mobile patients and to facilitate the mutual exchange of medical expertise.

The action plan was adopted by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the end of 2006.


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Full report: 49
Executive Summary: 14

Nature of documentation: Policy/Strategy papers


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