Fælles om fremtidens telemedicin/the future of telemedicine

Event date:
Published on: 08/02/2016

For all those interested in eHealth and telemedicine, the 'Fælles om fremtidens telemedicin' (the future of telemedicine) conference will take place on 31 March in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Speakers include Sophie Løhde of the Ministry of Health, and many other health care policy makers. Presentations include

  • The results from the National Action Plan for Telemedicine;
  • The economic aspects of telemedicine;
  • The experiences from Telecare North;
  • Implementation, planning and organization of telemedical projects, and its future impact on municipalities and regions.


The conference is organised by DIGST, Denmark's Digitalization Agency, and KL, Danish Region, and Denmark's Ministry for and Health. Details on the program and the registration can be found here http://www.digst.dk/Servicemenu/Nyheder/Nyhedsarkiv/Digital-velfaerd/Konference-om-landsdaekkende-udbredelse-af-telemedicin-v2

Expected Participants:

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Please consult the website for details.

Physical location
Hotel Scandic Copenhagen