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Workshop: Making ICT Standards fit for Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe

This is a European stakeholder workshop dedicated to ICT standardisation for active and healthy ageing. The event will gather stakeholders from all over Europe to exchange views on how standards in the area of Information and Communication Technologies can better meet the needs of Europe's ageing population.

Standards play a crucial part in all our lives. They ensure that many of our products and services operate safely and properly. But are standards suitable to all citizens? More specifically: do standards - especially the ones in the area of ICT - contribute to "active and healthy" ageing whereby the energy, knowledge and expertise of older people can be harnessed? The question arises because more people are living longer lives.


Partners of the PROGRESSIVE project invite you to participate in a brainstorming workshop to debate about the ways that can help to ensure European ICT standards address the demographic challenge.

It will be an opportunity for you to share your views on:

  • How the needs of an ageing population can be better addressed
  • How standards support ICT-based products & services related to AHA
  • How older people's participation can be assured in the development of the different standards
  • How can and should various activities, organisations and working groups around standardization in the field of ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing be (better) coordinated
Expected Participants:
  • Older people's representatives
  • Policy makers and agencies in charge of AHA-related policies
  • National, European and international standardisation organisations and their technical bodies relevant to AHA
  • Providers of ICT-based products and services related to AHA (in various fields: assistive technologies, care, housing, transport, ...)
  • Research & innovation projects relevant to ICT for AHA standardisation
State: Open


Contact email
Physical location
CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre
Avenue Marnix 17 (4th floor)
1000 Brussels