Belgium launchrs the electron…

Belgium launchrs the electronic prescription Recip-e

Published on: 10/03/2015

The Recip-e project started in early 2007 with the aim to develop a national system for electronic prescribing, in consultation with stakeholders in the sector and in line with the European objective of making possible electronic prescriptions in the Member States by the end of 2008. The project is based on a previous study, done by and under the supervision of the federal Public Service of Health.

The first phase of Recip-e project consisted of a study and consultation, which resulted in a concrete description of the system: This was done as part of a wide consultation with various stakeholders.
The concrete result was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, including the project's basic principles and demonstrating the existence of a broad sectoral support for the further development.

Specifically Recip-e is a messaging service "non-addressee" (the prescriber does not know to which patient care provider will look when the prescription is produced).
It is a "value added service" which is based on the basic services of the eHealth platform in Belgium.


The functions are:

a) for the physician: send and read the requirements made by himself; possibly removing an electronic prescription motivating this action; a list and the content requirements on open Recip-e, made by himself; get messages back providers (currently pharmacists, physiotherapists and nurses soon).

b) for prescribed care providers: get the prescriptions, in parallel, insurability, if useful (refundability of prescribed care); mark as a prescription issued; send a return message to the prescriber.

c) the patient may consult the requirements that are intended by a secure web access after authentication and e-ID and PIN code. He can throw electronic prescriptions he considers unnecessary.

Advantages: Short term: make impossible the fraud (copies / quantity changes, ...); integrating the medical / pharmaceutical dossier; transparent coupling MyCareNet for insurability and medium term make possible the transition from paper flow to only email.

City/Location: Belgium