BG: All hospitals to log inva…

BG: All hospitals to log invasive cardiology interventions in electronic register

Published on: 31/10/2011

According to the provisions laid down by Ordinance No.2/2010 on establishing medical standards in cardiology published on 11 October 2011 in the State Gazette, the 36 hospitals that perform invasive cardiology interventions across the country will log the following information: name of attending specialist; patient data; type of procedure (emergency/elective, diagnostic/therapeutic); beginning and end of intervention; reasons for carrying out an intervention. By entering details on a variety of health indicators, medical institutions can thus optimise their performance.

All data is to be logged in the eRegister via electronic signature by an operator in the respective hospital. This shall take place within 24 hours following a procedure. Medical institutions that do not comply with the new regulations will be subject to penalties as set forth by the Law on medical establishments, with fines ranging from BGN 500 to 2 000 (approx. € 255-1022). Furthermore, their licenses can be revoked for this activity by law.

The register will be maintained by the National Centre for Public Health and Analysis (Националния център по обществено здраве и анализи, in Bulgarian).

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