BG: Ministry of Health to beg…

BG: Ministry of Health to begin development of national health information system

Published on: 14/12/2011

The ministry aims to improve the efficiency and management of healthcare and by extension the quality of rendered health services through the creation of an IHIS. It will allow for better oversight of the healthcare process through the exchange of information in real time.

The IHIS is intended to collect data on the provision of healthcare services in the country, the number of patients treated, the costs for diagnosis and treatment and the screening programmes carried out. This results in the immediate reporting of each medical examination or surgery.

The IHIS involves the creation of an electronic prescription and an electronic patient record, the result of which will form the basis of the electronic health card. It will also connect the information systems of government entities such as the National Health Insurance Fund, the Expert National Medical Commissions and the National Revenue Agency.

During the project, 1 000 health professionals and 7 000 healthcare providers will undergo training on the use of the IHIS.

Funding is provided by the European Social Fund (ESF), and the total duration for implementation is 27 months.

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