CH: EHR pilot project in Gene…

CH: EHR pilot project in Geneva receives highest certification for eHealth strategy compliance

Published on: 02/12/2011

The 'e-toile' is being piloted in four Geneva municipalities since February 2011 with the aim to network patients with healthcare sector stakeholders via a Medical Data Exchange Solution (MDES). Patients living in Bernex, Confignon, Onex and Petit-Lancy can now log on to the healthcare network 'e-toile' and create a personal EHR with participating doctors and pharmacists. The 'e-toile' pilot includes a portal for patients and for healthcare professionals, where clinicians and other providers can access patient records from across the canton through the MDES. Patients must first grant access to the records to specific healthcare entities, thus helping to ensure patient privacy.

According to the final evaluation report which was carried out in June 2011 by Bern University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Information Technology by order of the Swiss Coordination Office for eHealth, the 'e-toile' pilot received the certification 'Interregional - strategy-compliant - multiple communities 2011' (Interrégional - conforme à la stratégie - plusieurs communautés 2011, in French) for its excellent performance in all assessment criteria.

The report says that this innovative project has demonstrated a high level of technical preparedness, thus enabling it to link to other communities in line with the Swiss eHealth strategy, which aims to provide citizens with access to quality-based, safe, efficient and affordable healthcare. Furthermore, it portrays the 'e-toile' pilot as a pioneer for the further expansion of the eHealth strategy, offering the potential for a model case solution. Results show that eHealth Suisse Steering Committee's recommendations have been successfully implemented.

The highest certification level ('National') cannot be awarded at the present time as several unique national components must be available. These will be developed as part of the future law on electronic health records. As such, 'Interregional' remains the highest certification that can be awarded.

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