CZ: Doctors can now register…

CZ: Doctors can now register their patients for an EHR in the IZIP system

Published on: 22/02/2012

It is hoped that the speed and convenience of this method of registration will contribute to the further development of EHR services and provide healthcare professionals with key health information when they need it.

Prior to the registration it is necessary for the doctor or other healthcare worker to familiarise the patient with how the IZIP system works. A basic condition for concluding the registration is the patient's consent to the input of all the required personal data.

The registration process is quick:

  • After logging in to the system, the doctor or other healthcare worker selects the 'Client' tab and the item 'Registration of Client'.
  • Selecting 'New Registration' opens an easy-to-use registration wizard.
  • Using the wizard to process the patient's registration takes less than five minutes.

The healthcare worker then prints two documents:

  • 'Protocol for the client with a password', which is given to newly registered patient; and
  • 'Protocol for the authorised person', which needs to be signed by the authorising doctor and sent to IZIP.

To help with the administration, the 'registration list' provides the healthcare worker with a complete list of the unfinished and completed client registrations in the IZIP system. In case of any problems during the registration, a customer service helpline is available.


Background Information:

The Czech electronic health record (elektronická zdravotní knížka - EZK, in Czech) is a highly secure summary of patient health information in electronic form, accessible 24 hours a day via the Internet. It is a safe environment that links healthcare providers, patients and health insurers. It can be used to transmit medical information between the doctor and patient or between different doctors.


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