CZ: EHRs provide entire medic…

CZ: EHRs provide entire medication history of patients

Published on: 23/11/2011

This service will make it possible to view all the medicines that were prescribed to the patient by doctors, dispensed by pharmacies and reimbursed by VZP - the largest state-owned health insurance company - from 2007 to present. In this way, both the patient and their doctors can easily find out when and what specific medicines the patient was taking. 

This comprehensive medication database includes about 56 million records that were prepared by VZP in cooperation with IZIP for the use of insured persons, doctors and medical facilities.  

"The information on the medicines that my patients have been taking / took is very important. Medicines provide indications on the current course of treatment and on the potential health problems the patient suffers from. If I was able, before diagnosis and further treatment, to quickly check the patient's medication history in their electronic health records, this would greatly reduce the risk of adverse side effects that may occur as a result of the inappropriate combination of medication," said MD Radmila Vondráková, general practitioner for children and adolescents at the Brno-Lesná Polyclinic.  

In the electronic health records, the patient's medication history is divided into two parts, namely: the list of medicines taken on a regular basis and the list of other drugs (e.g. in acute cases). For each medicine listed, information as to when it was prescribed by the doctor, delivered by the pharmacist and reimbursed by VZP is available.  

So far, an average of 20 % of patients' medication history has been saved in the existing electronic health records. As soon as new electronic health records for VZP insured persons are issued, the medication history from 2007 to present can be logged.  

"Medication history in electronic health records is a comprehensive and unique tool that brings tremendous benefits to both the patients and their doctors, and the latter can decide on a possible medication treatment based on valid information," said Jiří Pašek, head of IZIP.


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