DE: Dental eID card is now av…

DE: Dental eID card is now available

Published on: 25/09/2013

Within a few days after the start of the first issue, 100 orders have already been received. The rapid success of the new card owes a lot to the contribution of the dentists of the federal state of Saarland (western Germany). The regional dental association has been certified as a issuer in line with the standards for the eZAA coordinated at the federal level by the German Dental Association (Bundeszahnärztekammer - BZÄK, in German). In the next few months, further Association regions will follow the Saarland example.

With the start of delivery of the eZAA, electronic communication with all dentists has taken a decisive step forward. "The dentist card brings me the necessary confidence to entrust my professional data and documents to the online world," said Dr Hans Joachim Lellig, Vice President of the Medical Association of Saarland and Chairman of the Department of Dentists, to explain why he has already decided on supporting eZAA.

There are already numerous concrete applications to use the eZAA in Saarland. Both BZÄK and the Dentists’ Association of Saarland (Kassenzahnärztlichen Vereinigung Saarland - KZVS, in German) support the dentist electronic identity card for personal identification for access to their online portals. Another interesting feature is that thanks to the new card the direct online exchange of documents can be signed and encrypted.

"The benefits for our dentists are evident," said Dr Ulrich Bright, President of the KZVS. In addition to the purely technical integration of the electronic ID card, the KZVS supports the concrete introduction to dental practices by providing an attractive start-up bonus: for an application made before 31 December 2013 the acquisition and operating costs of the card for three years will be refunded in full, including accessories.


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