EE: Memorandum of cooperation…

EE: Memorandum of cooperation signed by Health Insurance Fund and eHealth Foundation

Published on: 28/03/2013

The memorandum of cooperation aims to improve information systems and solutions for a smoother operation. It specifies the principles of cooperation which will exist between the Health Insurance Fund and the E-Health Foundation, and their common views on the collection and processing of medical information, data quality and the standardisation of information systems and databases. This will ultimately contribute to the improvement of patient care.

The Health Insurance Fund and the E-Health Foundation have this year run important cooperation projects on eConsultation opportunities for doctors, quality indicators for waiting-lists management, and a patient portal. The memorandum of cooperation commits the parties to a specific annual action plan.

The chairman of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Tanel Ross, stressed that the availability of high-quality health information is one of the most important prerequisites for an effective and patient-friendly health insurance.

He said: "Health insurance is very important for the health information system, and could be used more and more on a daily basis for all the healthcare system - people, health care providers and public structures." He added that the memorandum of cooperation provides the Health Insurance Fund and E-Health Foundation with a solid basis for practical action.


Raul Milli, a board member of the Estonian E-Health Foundation, says it is very important that the data are complete and of high quality and meet the needs of the users. "In collaboration with the Health Insurance Fund we are able to develop better data quality rules and standards, which cover the databases of both the Health Insurance Fund and the eHealth Foundation. Data quality is the basis for high-quality treatment decisions that benefit both doctors and patients," said Milli.


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