EE: Preparing emergency staff…

EE: Preparing emergency staff to the use of the Ambulance portal

Published on: 07/11/2011

The training events lasted 2.5 hours each and they were held in four cities, namely: Jõhvi (21 October), Tallinn (24 October), Tartu (27 October) and Pärnu (31 October). 

"The Ambulance portal can become a daily tool for emergency staff," said the Undersecretary for Social Affairs in charge of health matters, Ms Ivi Normet. "The Internet-based portal facilitates the daily management of the healthcare staff and the planning of their work schedules (...) as well as the production of statistics on the work of the ambulance personnel," she added. 

The training events, furthermore, were intended to generate feedback in order to further develop the portal, the Undersecretary explained.  

The first phase of the Ambulance portal ended during the autumn of 2011; this central portal is part of a wider project called 'E-Ambulance', which also includes a mobile workplace system with digital medical cards and other necessary tools. E-Ambulance is set to be completed by the end of year 2012.  

The first stage of the Ambulance portal is to be followed by further testing and a deployment stage at small scale, and then nationwide. The Health Board must acquire the necessary computer workstations for the ambulances to participate.


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