EU: AGE Platform Europe sets…

EU: AGE Platform Europe sets up EU virtual network for an Age-Friendly Environment

Published on: 07/05/2012

AGE Platform Europe is a European network of around 165 organisations of and for people aged 50+ representing directly over 30 million older people in Europe. Its work focuses on a wide range of policy areas that impact on older and retired people. These include issues of health, anti-discrimination, employment of older workers and active ageing, social protection, pension reforms, social inclusion, elder abuse, etc. 

AGE Platform Europe is organising a consortium of stakeholders, along with the WHO, with the aim of submitting a joint commitment in response to the European Commission's call for commitment to making Europe an age-friendly environment. 

The virtual network will build on the work done by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to (1) adapt guidelines on age-friendly environment to the European context, and (2) facilitate the exchange of information on EU policy dossiers and instruments relevant to age-friendliness. In addition, AGE Platform Europe will advocate making this network concrete through the launch of a Covenant of Mayors on ageing and thus making possible the implementation at local level of strategies to improve active and healthy ageing.


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