EU: FP7 PHS Foresight project…

EU: FP7 PHS Foresight project develops innovative website

Published on: 03/04/2013

The aim of the project and ultimately of the site created is to bring different areas of application like chronic disease management, life-style management, independent living and emergency services closer together through sharing, commenting and assessing visions on PHS.

Stakeholders and other people involved in or experiencing the results the aforementioned streams of activity within the PHS areas will contribute their visions, comments and assessments and will thus benefit from this website in the following ways:

  • They will Influence European policy: This process will support the subsequent scenario and road mapping workshops that are entitled to influence European policy-making on PHS, for example by assessing the suitability of the PHS field for a possible ‘European Innovation Partnership’ initiative, and by identifying risks in, and obstacles to, various trajectories of PHS development.
  • They will receive invitations to workshops: The best contributors of visions, comments and assessments will be invited to and be reimbursed for taking part in ‘PHS Foresight’ scenario and roadmapping workshops in June 12-14 2013 in Manchester,  in December 2013 and January 2014.
  • They will gather new insights and contacts: When new visions are shared and co-created, appealing opportunities for international PHS cooperation arise.
  • They will receive synthesis reports: All participants will be sent a compilation report on the results of each visioning process.


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