EU: PHS Foresight project lau…

EU: PHS Foresight project launches the assessment of visions on PHS futures

Published on: 22/08/2013

The aim is to bring these different streams closer together through sharing, commenting and assessing visions on PHS. Those interested can participate and have the opportunity to:

  • Influence on European policy: This process will support the subsequent scenario and road-mapping workshops that are entitled to influence on European policy-making on PHS, for example by assessing the suitability of the PHS field for a possible ‘European Innovation Partnership’ initiative, and by identifying risks in, and obstacles to, various trajectories of PHS development.
  • Get invited to workshops: The best contributors of visions, comments and assessments will be invited and reimbursed to take part in ‘PHS Foresight’ scenario and road-mapping workshops on 12-14 June 2013 in Manchester and in December 2013 and January 2014.
  • Gather new insights and contacts: When interested people share and co-create new visions, they also find opportunities for international PHS cooperation.
  • Receive the synthesis report: All participants will be sent a compilation report on the results of this visioning process.

The results will feed back to the scenario and road-mapping work of the PHS Foresight project and the development of policy-recommendations.

Background Information:
The project is running an online platform with the objective to provide a forum for long-term coordination and strategic guidance across different PHS areas of application such as chronic disease management, life-style management, independent living and emergency services.

Further Information: