GR: First Greek diabetes onli…

GR: First Greek diabetes online community goes live

Published on: 11/11/2011

This innovative virtual community enables diabetics and concerned parties to interact with each other, to exchange information and views and to become informed about new diabetes products and related events.

The homepage allows users to: post and exchange comments via a wall set up for this purpose; create a profile; become a member of various groups; upload photos; and exchange emails. In addition, users can employ their existing social networking accounts in setting up a new account on the website. Users are also given the option of sharing posts automatically on a social messaging service.

One of the key features is 'Library', a link which contains an analysis of numerous key diabetes issues, useful information on the treatment of various complications, dietary advice for effective management of diabetes, as well as a comprehensive list of diabetes centres and clinics.

Furthermore, alternative forms of exercise and adjunctive therapies are presented under 'Bioway', urging diabetics to incorporate exercise into daily life. An interactive guide is available which lists restaurants and businesses that produce and sell food products that cater to the dietary needs of diabetics. Users are able to add and rate restaurants and dietary products.

The online community was created by a private pharmaceutical company.

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