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NL: New eHealth website for GPs: eHuisartsenKompas

Published on: 01/03/2012

eHuisartsenKompas (literally, 'e-GPs Compass') is a source of information to help GPs decide what forms of eHealth they can use in their practice. It provides a platform on which doctors, patients and eHealth experts can come together and inspire each other.

Through the website, GPs have the opportunity to ask questions about eHealth, such as:

  • "How can I conduct an eConsultation?"
  • "How can I give my patients online access to their electronic file?"
  • "What apps are useful for consultations?"

All website users can respond to the questions submitted. This can be done through sharing experiences, answering questions, but also by providing literature. Periodically there are blogs about the issues and opportunities of eHealth in general practice.

eHuisartsenKompas is a joint initiative of the Dutch Society for eHealth (Nederlandse Vereniging voor e-Health - NVEH, in Dutch) and an enthusiastic practitioner. It is fully independent and currently has no financial support.


Background Information

The eHuisartsenKompas website has two predecessor websites set up to answer patients' questions by email: which was started in 2001 by Dr Robert Mol, and MijnSpecialist which was started in 1997 under the directorship of Prof Dr Georg Hennemann. These two doctors were also the founders of the Dutch Society for eHealth. answers general medical questions within 24 hours, while MijnSpecialist provides a reply from a medical specialist within five days. These projects have resulted in many Dutch GPs and hospital doctors corresponding with their patients via email.


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