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NL: Website for kidney patien…

NL: Website for kidney patients launched on the portal

Published on: 12/04/2012
News is hosted on the portal ('my care page') which also houses the 'my care' pages of the Netherlands Diabetes Association (Diabetesvereniging Nederland - DVN, in Dutch) and the Heart and Artery Group (De Hart&Vaatgroep, in Dutch). offers people with kidney disease the opportunity, after registration, to create a personal profile. The site contains a number of programmes that could help a kidney patient, such as putting together a low-salt or low-protein meal, monitoring blood pressure or other parameters, ​​and checking their body weight.

A high proportion of kidney patients have more than one disease. For example, the co-occurrence of kidney disease with problematic blood vessels and/or diabetes is not uncommon. The great advantage of the collaboration with DVN and the Heart and Artery Group is that the kidney patient can employ the resources provided by these groups. In particular, the kidney patient can add widgets (small windows containing information) to their own page, even though these widgets were developed for the special pages for patients with diabetes or heart or kidney problems.

The launch date of coincided with 2012's World Kidney Day, an annual awareness-raising day on the importance of the kidneys and the prevention of kidney diseases.


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