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PL: - A web portal on the reimbursement of prescribed medicines

Published on: 29/03/2012

The new service is intended to serve as a simple-to-use, convenient source of essential information on the medicines reimbursed by the National Health Fund.

Patients are the first target group. The aim is to help them find their way around the procedures and conditions for the reimbursement of prescribed drugs. On the new portal they will find information on: 

  • the formal requirements pertaining to the prescriptions issued by their doctor;
  • the treatment of their prescription at the pharmacy and the applicable options in this respect.

In addition, an online search service enables patients to check whether the medicines prescribed to them qualify for reimbursement as well as the amount or percentage that will be refunded. They can search medicines by active ingredient name or by brand name.

The new service is aimed at two more groups of users, doctors and pharmacists. They can find information on the proper way of filling out and handling a prescription according to the regulations in force. Doctors can also find the list of reimbursed medicines in PDF format, and pharmacists can access the same online search service as patients.

This portal allows users to get familiar with the announcements of National Health Fund, clarifying doubts related to the law on the reimbursement of medicines.

It is worth noting that a database launched by the health ministry in 2005 provides similar information in a much more detailed manner.  


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