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PT: English-language database on health R&D projects launched

PT: English-language database…

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Published on: 03/11/2011 News Archived

The Health Cluster Portugal (HCP), a private non-profit association supported by members from business, academia, hospitals and local authorities, introduced the Science and Technology Resources Database (Banco de Dados de Ciência e Tecnologia de Recursos - SciPort, in Portuguese) at the Medical Centre of Porto.

The database's main objectives are to:

  • increase the visibility and prestige of Portuguese scientific achievements;
  • foster partnerships;
  • benefit from technical equipment;
  • contribute, in a more comprehensive manner, to the transfer of know-how/technology either among academia and industry, or among start-ups and large enterprises within the country and abroad.

The search functionalities of SciPort enable users to easily find universities, hospitals, companies and research centres, to identify the different scientific fields of activity and to access R&D projects in progress. In addition, the database lists services and scientific and analytical devices that are available to date.

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