UK: eHealth survey to enhance…

UK: eHealth survey to enhance healthcare in Scotland

Published on: 12/12/2011

According to the eHealth Directorate, there are a number of ways in which citizens could interact with the publicly funded healthcare system NHSScotland over the Internet that could help improve their healthcare. As such, it is requesting to hear views on what are seen as the most important potential benefits and considerations in the eHealth domain. These observations will help inform development of the Citizen eHealth strategy for NHSScotland. Data gathered is to be used for statistical analysis with the aim of improving healthcare in Scotland.

A brief introduction to eHealth and its benefits is available prior to starting the online questionnaire. Survey takers are asked to respond to questions about:

  • what things they might want to do online (e.g. book appointments or request a repeat prescription);
  • the care and treatment they receive from the NHS in Scotland;
  • personal health records and how they might wish to interact with their electronic health records in the future;
  • what they want to know (e.g. finding local dentists or doctors or seeking advice from a self-help website provided by NHS Scotland);
  • sharing information with healthcare workers involved in their care which could improve the quality of care and services they receive, but not directly linked to their illness or condition (e.g. informing such workers on wheelchair use or on requiring letters to be in large print).

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