About OSHA3 -Decentralised metadata driven CMS

reated to control, categorise, and facilitate the work of a network of partners, and external editors, geographically located all around Europe and beyond, the EU-OSHA information hub stores and distributes the information placed in the system, in a variety of ways (RSS, alerts, e-newsletter, ...). Based on the metadata entered for each piece of information, it makes the creation of sections for specific topics, a really easy task. All you need is to define the uitable keywords for that topic, and define the display of the results. Its integrated workflow, allows an easy management of the work. One editor adds a new entry; a reviewer checks that it is ok, and a manager decides if it is publishable or not. A work list allows each component of the workflow, to check his entries, or the ones he is responsible for. This CMS solution integrates a hierarchical thesaurus of OSH terms, translated in 22 languages, which covers the most important topics on Occupational Safety and Health. But, if this is not your organisation\\\'s field, you can change it by any other Thesaurus.


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