EU: eID Interoperability for PEGS: Common specifications for eID interoperability in the eGovernment context

Published on: 30/09/2007
Last update: 10/05/2010

Description (short summary):
The project eID Interoperability for PEGS aims to solve technical issues about the pan- European identity management interoperability challenge. The Member States of the European Union are introducing more sophisticated ways to manage identities in the eGovernment area. Different Member States are implementing different structures as their identity management solution. The present document proposed that a minimum set of Common Specifications should address: 

  • Political and social implications
  • Legal aspects
  • Organizational structures 
  • Technical and Architectural issues 
  • Infrastructural considerations

For each of these topics, a list of high level principles was formulated that should be taken into account when formulating the Common Specifications. However, no specific Common Specifications were defined yet in the document.

The main objective of the document is to present a concrete overview of the Common Specifications, i.e. the functionality that should be provided by an interoperable identity management system, and the main constraints that govern this functionality. These specifications are aimed inter alia to assist the Commission in determining the requirements for the upcoming large scale pilot.

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