EU: Final draft reports of the CROBIES Study - Consultation documents

Published on: 29/03/2010
Last update: 08/06/2010

Description (short summary):
The CROBIES study looks at eSignature interoperability in general, but specifically in the context of cross-border use. While considering a consistent global and long term approach in proposed improvements at the legal, technical and trust levels, CROBIES is also focusing on quick wins that could substantially improve the interoperability of electronic signatures.

The CROBIES Study concentrates in particular on the following aspects through related work packages and their associated reports:

  • The proposal for a common model for supervision and accreditation systems of certification service providers (CSPs) issuing Qualified Certificates (QCs) (and other services ancillary to electronic signatures) in the WP1 Report;
  • The establishment of a "Trusted List of supervised/accredited Certification Service Providers" (in particular issuing QCs) in the WP2 Report;
  • Interoperable profiles of qualified certificates issued by supervised/accredited CSPs in Member States in the WP3 Report;
  • A proposed framework for interoperable Secure Signature Creation Devices (SSCDs) in the WP4 Report;
  • A proposed model for providing guidelines and guidance for cross-border and interoperable implementation of electronic signatures in the WP5-1 Report;
  • A proposed Quality Classification Scheme for electronic signature (elements) in the WP5-2 Report;
  • A note on the "Algo Paper" issue in the WP5-3 Report.

The study is part of the Action Plan on e-signatures and e-identification  - COM (2008) 798 - to facilitate the provision of cross-border public services in the Single Market adopted by the European Commission on 28 November 2008 which aims at facilitating the provision of cross-border public services in an electronic environment.

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