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GR/EU: Electronic identity and public policy options & infrastructure - the European experience

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Published on: 30/06/2010 Last update: 10/12/2010 Document Archived

Description (short summary): The study presents the European trends and best practice management of electronic identities for Greece to take advantage of the European experience in the view of the forthcoming implementation of its electronic identity card policy.

More specifically, the study addresses the following aspects:

  • The electronic cards are necessary for the safe and effective use of citizens’ electronic transactions.
  • Over the past five years, many of the EU countries have introduced electronic identity cards for citizens in an aim to modernise their public services (e.g. tax authorities, licenses and permits, etc.); the rest of the countries are planning in the foreseeable future to install electronic identification solutions for citizens.

Number of pages: 21

Nature of documentation: Independent reports and studies


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