BE: New version of eID site g…

BE: New version of eID site goes live

Published on: 19/03/2012

The upgraded website, which is based on the eID pictogram, meets the needs of current and future holders of the national eID, which is obligatory for Belgian citizens over the age of 12. The eID serves as proof of identity, enables secure access to online government applications, and is used to sign electronic contracts and to request official documents or forms online.

The website layout and interface have received an overhaul, while its content has been completely revised.‎ The home page accommodates all users, as it no longer makes a distinction between the three traditional target groups comprised of citizens, businesses and government. The eID end-user is able to find key information which does not require technical knowledge. Likewise, application developers looking for technical information also stand to benefit greatly. Furthermore, a distinct and comprehensive section containing frequently asked questions was developed.

By clicking the 'eID quick install' icon on the home page, visitors are able to follow a simple procedure for installing the software necessary to read the eID card using a card reader. The home page also supplies the contact details of 'Doc Stop', the round-the-clock free service of the National Register which blocks lost or stolen eID cards and other types of identity documents.

Fedict, which is responsible for eID software creation and development, received assistance in developing and elaborating the layout by a Brussels-based company that provides brand advisory services. A communication consultant provider is in charge of the text and developing the layout further.

The site is available in Dutch, English, French and German.

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