DK: Two Danish e-signature so…

DK: Two Danish e-signature solutions are becoming mobile

Published on: 27/01/2014

Signaturgruppen becomes a supplier of a service provider package that establishes a common basis for the NemID employee signature. It will establish the common basis with a central signature server, which can be used from mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets.

The service provider package enables service providers to ensure that users using their NemID employee signature can use their services.

Employee Signatures are available in different solutions:

  • Employee Signature key card
  • Employee Signature with key file
  • Employee Signature on central signature server

The Agency has by contract, ensured that Signaturgruppen also includes Steria and Liga in development work. Steria and Liga constitute the other major supplier of central signature server for public institutions. This ensures the best possible basis for public institutions to benefit from the mobile support, no matter which vendor they are using.

Employee Signature key card will have a mobile solution "offered" by NemID to citizens, who will also be able to go mobile from next summer.

Both solutions are expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2014.

Will there be a solution to NemID employee signature with key file?

NemID employee signature with key file remains non-mobile. Login with key file will unfortunately remain dependent on Java. Until now it has not been possible to find a reasonably safe solution to replace the Java applet, which currently handles log-in with key file.

Because the solution is dependent on Java, it will not be possible to log in with employee signatures of this type on mobile platforms.

The key file also includes storage of the key file on the external hardware devices, which use the same Java-based applet. These will therefore not be usable on mobile platforms yet.

What does the central signature server solutions consist of?

Essentially, it consists of:

  • Ensuring that the central signature server vendors can develop mobile support for their solutions based on common specifications for interaction with mobile clients.
  • Ensuring that service providers can, as easy as possible, implement the necessary steps to ensure that users can make use of the mobile support.
  • Ensuring a common starting point for mobile support of NemID employee signature with a central signature server across services, service providers and suppliers of central signature server products.

The functionality and solution will be supplied to the Agency in the second quarter of 2014. This allows service providers to prepare JavaScript support in 2014 and incorporate support for employee signature in organizations with a central signature server


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