First 100,000 users for Franc…

First 100,000 users for FranceConnect eID service

Published on: 25/07/2016

In just three months, FranceConnect, France’s new eID portal solution has registered over 100,000 users, reports SGMAP, France’s government modernisation unit. Each day, around 2,000 new users register online, in order to access eGovernment services.

The FranceConnect portal is intended to provide access to all eGovernment services. At the moment, just over 20 eGovernment services are available via the eID service portal, covering all levels of government: towns, departments and ministries, SGMAP explains in an announcement.

The portal allows users to access all of their online public services, SGMAP explains. With FranceConnect, users no longer need to switch between usernames and passwords for different eGovernment services. Once authenticated, the portal provides access to for example for taxes, or for health insurance.

Automatic routines

FranceConnect should help simplify government. Acting as a so-called trusted third party, FranceConnect will let public agencies exchange the relevant user information between online services, with the consent of the user. The system will provide application programming interfaces (APIs) to make access easier for other online services. This autumn, the first API to become available will be the one developed for the tax authority (DGFiP). It will allow authenticated online services automatically find income tax reference numbers and address records.

At the end of June, the FranceConnect portal replaced, one of two predecessor eGovernment services websites. The other,, has already been redirecting visitors to the FranceConnect site.


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