GL: Russia to use Open Docume…

GL: Russia to use Open Document Format

Published on: 19/09/2007

Russia will also adopt the ISO-approved Open Document Format (ODF) for government documents, according to a statement by the OpenDocument Format Alliance.

This decision means Russia is joining other European countries, such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Lithuania and the Netherlands, where national governments are also planning to use ODF as one of their document formats.

The Alliance refers to an "Action Plan on Open Source Software Development and Usage in the Russian Government", published by Russia's Ministry for Information technologies and Communications. The Alliance says this plan envisions Russia's legislative requirements to mandate the procurement of software based on how well it adheres to "widely used standards (primarily ISO standards), and creates conditions and requirements for government contracts that would otherwise want to use proprietary specifications."

It quotes Russia's Ministry for IT and Communications saying: "Open document standards must be supported on a governmental level. Within the project to form an e-government concept in the Russian Federation, support of ODF is planned."

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