Hungary’s new eID card proves…

Hungary’s new eID card proves popular

Published on: 19/09/2016

In a mere nine months, one million Hungarian citizens have been issued with the country’s new eID card, reports the Hungarian eGovernment service agency, KEKKH (Közigazgatási és Elektronikus Közszolgáltatások Központi Hivatala).

The new eID card is a valid travel document, provides access to some eGovernment services, and lets users electronically sign documents. The government is working to use the eID card for healthcare services and tax administration. The card can store both social security numbers and national tax ID.

The card meets the strictest data security requirements, KEKKH writes. This will help to prevent unauthorised access, blocking for example access to social security numbers to services or government staff that do not need to access these numbers.

The new eID card was introduced in January.

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