NO: Difi launches competitive…

NO: Difi launches competitive tendering for highest security eID authentication

Published on: 30/04/2012

This call has been launched as part of the Government's Digitisation Programme (Regjeringens digitaliseringsprogram, in Norwegian). One of the principles underlying the Government's work in this field is that logging in to online services should be simple and safe.

ID Port is managed by Difi. It is the common authentication portal for using the advanced eServices of over 220 Norwegian government agencies and public entities. The competition is intended to enable the use of highest security eID solutions that are different from those (Buypass ID or Commfides e-ID) of the current suppliers.

There are currently three eServices that require an eID with security level 4 on the ID Port, namely: 'My Prescriptions', 'My vaccines' and 'My reimbursements'. The additional services that require the same level of security are currently being established. Therefore, there is a need to increase the number of users who can use services at security level 4 on Port ID.

Difi's own eID solution, MinID, is widely used, but it is at security level 3 and it has not been issued at the highest level of security yet.

In April 2010 Difi signed agreements with Buypass AS and Commfides Norge AS for the use of eIDs with the highest level of security on Port ID. However, there are few persons who use an eID from one of these two suppliers. Approximately 377 000 have BuypassID while Commfides e-ID has very limited distribution.

"To win the contract, suppliers must meet the safety and functionality requirements, and it is essential that they offer their services at competitive prices," said Hans Christian Holte, Difi's director general.

"In the field of digital solutions, two years is a relatively long time, and we therefore believe that it is appropriate to launch a new competition to examine what the market can offer. This time, it might be necessary to sign contracts with multiple suppliers," Mr Holte added.


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