Polish post offices pilot ver…

Polish post offices pilot verification eID system

Published on: 23/12/2014

Polish citizens can get their electronic ID verified in five post offices in Warsaw. Their so-called Trusted Profile can then be used to access on-line government services, including registering a business and interacting with social services.

Citizens need to first register themselves on the website of the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP). Then, the card will be verified by a postal worker at the post office. When authenticated, the account on the ePUAP portal will be validated.

The pilot began on 19 December. Previously, citizens could get their ePUAP account verified only at government tax or government social services offices.

If the test is successful, the service could be made available in post offices across the country, says Poczta Polska (Polish Post) in a press release. The company says it is a ‘natural partner’ to act as an intermediary between citizens and public administrations. “Our advantage is that post offices are spread across the country”, the statement quotes President of Polish Post Jerzy Jóźkowiak as saying. “This allows all citizens to access e-administration services easily.”

The addresses of the five post offices piloting the service are provided in the Poczta Polska press release.


Poczta Polska was privatised in 2009. Several competitors are vying for consignments. In December, Poczta Polska lost a bid for the delivery of mail for the governments Shared Services Centre. This includes mail between more than 100 government organisations.

Adapting its services to the Internet, in October 2013 Poczta Polska started Envelo. The website lets users create digital letters and postcards, that are then printed and delivered - by mail.


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