Portafirma electrónico: manag…

Portafirma electrónico: managing electronic signature requests

Published on: 26/03/2012

Portafirma electrónico is an open source web application designed for managing electronic signature requests and documents. Users can send and receive documents with electronic signatures. The software also allows sending requests for electronic signatures to several users at once and for managing users' requests. It contains components that allow third-party applications to send documents through Portafirma and make requests for electronic signatures.

  The software's features and look are similar to a standard email client. As a web application, Portafirma can be accessed using any web browser. It is also available as a mobile application on devices running either Android or iOS mobile operating systems. The mobile version allows that users electronically sign documents and perform authentication using an electronic signature.    Consejería de Medio Ambiente (Regional Ministry of Environment) of Junta de Andalucía, Spain, started developing Portafirma electrónico in 2004. The software project was moved over to Consejería de Innocavion, Ciencia y Empresa (Regional Ministry of Innovation, Science and Enterprise) in 2005.    Portafirma electrónico is used by many public administrations in Spain such as the Tribunal Constitucional de España, universities (ex. Universidad de Cádiz), national scientific institutes like the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas and city halls (Ayuntamiento de Utrera). The developers estimate that around fifty thousand employees in at least forty-two organisations use the software.    While Portafirma's current version of the software is being maintained, the developers are working on the next version, 2.4, which will contain new features such as full compatibility with OASIS Digital Signature Services standard and different administration levels for multiple organisations. This will allow use of one Portafirma installation by manifold separate entities.    The software is distributed under the European Union Public Licence. It is available on Joinup as a federated project.   Portafirma electrónico as a federated project on Joinup   More about Portafirma (in Spanish)  


Thu, 29/03/2012 - 16:30

We have done about 150.000 electronic signatures during last 3 years with Portafirma.

We have about 200 users and 20 signers.

It's a important piece in a project whose objective is to improve local administration throughout Administrative Process Managing.

If you want more information, please feel free to contact jlmartinez@utrera.org