SK: eID cards to be issued fr…

SK: eID cards to be issued from December 2012

Published on: 24/02/2012

This development stems from an amendment to the law on identity cards, which the Slovakian parliament passed in November 2011. This amendment is linked to the electronic identity (eID) card project which the Interior Ministry implements. This project aims to reduce bureaucracy, save citizens time, and provide faster and more efficient communication with the authorities. The new eID card will facilitate safer access to services, the use of qualified electronic signatures, and also the possibility of using the card to store other kinds of data.

The chip will contain the personal information that is currently being recorded on the identity card: name, permanent address, date of birth plus data on blood group and education. It is technically possible to read the data from the ID card only with the consent of citizens, the personal security code (of 6 to 10 digits) and by inserting the card in a card reader. Details of the document will be accessible only to authorised service providers. The scope of the information accessible is defined by the appropriate certification.

The amendment also allows a citizen to request the issuance of a new card at any District Police Directorate in Slovakia and to collect it anywhere, or have it sent by courier service. This option will not be open to holders of identity cards issued before 30 June 2008 - as yet they can apply for a new card only at the relevant office within the district where they reside. Citizens who have the new ID card delivered, need to have the old document when applying for a new card. The delivery of the new card carries with it an administrative fee of €3.

Slovaks living abroad will be able from January 2013 to apply for a new ID card through a Slovakian embassy. The administrative fee for this service will be €15 to €50.This option will include situations where the card is lost or stolen or expires, and when the citizen changes their name. Currently in such cases, citizens must travel to the competent authority in Slovakia, which requires considerable financial cost.

Another new option is to get a new card in less than two working days for €20.

With the introduction of eID cards, Slovakia will be placed at the forefront of their use, along with such EU countries as Finland, Belgium, Estonia and Germany.


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