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Signature Verification Portal

Update dependencies Switch to logback backend Fix potential memory leak   more

Signature Verification Portal 2.0.5

Show signed byterange and algorithm of signature Add configuration option oid-mapping to map OIDs to short names Extend SOAP interface Add warning for signing time discrepancies Use b... more

Signature Verification 2.0.3

Sicherheitspatches WCAG2.0 Compliance Fehlerbehebung für bestimmte PDFs Update von MOA-SPSS ASIC-S und -E Support more


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Signature Verification Portal 2.0.1

Signature Verification Portal v2.0.1     Changes: Support for XAdES, CAdES, PAdES and ASiC Signatures WAI conform  Updated SOAP interface Library updates Improv... more


signature-verification 1.8.1

Signature Verification Portal v1.8.1     Changes: Library updates Improved PDF signature verification more


signature-verification 1.8.0

Signature Verification Portal v1.8.0     Changes: Library updates Improved PDF signature verification Added support for detached signatures more



signature-verification 1.7.0 1.7.0

Signature Verification Portal v1.7.0   Installation Overview:   The archive provides a sample configuration, covering most of the trusted certificates of AT, BE, EE, ES, FI, IS, IT,... more