stts 1.1 1.1

Latest release
10 years ago

Version 1.1 of TSL Trust provides the following improvements and changes:

  • The daemon process that updates the local cache of current member state TSLs, as well as updates and republishing of trust information produced by TSL Trust, is now integrated in the TT Admin Webservice web application. The daemon process is now started and stopped when the web application is started and stopped.
  • The former Admin-daemon application has been materially changed as the daemon process has been removed from this application and moved to the TT Admin Webservice. This application has been renamed to Admin-Maintenance and now only serves as a configuration, test and monitoring tool. There is no longer any need to have this application running in order to run the TSL Trust service.
  • Several updates has been done to improve the stability of operation.
    • Improvements to ensure that temporary unavailable national TSLs, or retrieval of non-TSL information, such ass error pages, when accessing a TSL url, does not cause temporary loss of trust information in the internal trust database.
    • Improvements to ensure that the daemon process does not stop upon encounter of corrupt data.
    • Introduction of connection pooling for internal databases to improve stability on high traffic to the service
    • Updates to avoid error conditions on initial setup
  • The information about Trust Services derived from TSLs has been expanded in the TSL Viewer, including:
  • Information about service information extensions:
    • Expired Certificates Revocation Extension
    • Qualifications Service Information Extension
    • Taken Over By Service Information Extension
  • Scheme Service URIs
  • TSP Services URIs
  • Service supply points

Several minor updates has been made to support the functions of the EU TSL Analysis tool that is built on top of the TSL Trust code.