Age Action Ireland

Published on: 28/11/2007
Age Action Ireland is the national independent organisation on ageing and older people. It acts as a network of organisations and individuals including older people and carers of older people. It is a development agency promoting better policies and services for older people in an ageing society. This is a follow on from a project for 200 people entitled "Getting Started". In this second phase, some 1,200 'new' older people will participate and be trained in using a computer, accessing the internet. Participants will receive weekly e-messages to highlight health and nutrition issues, pension concerns civic engagement opportunities and general news.

Description of target users and groups

The target group is older people aged 70-80 years with limited or no computer ability

Description of the way to implement the initiative

An ICT instructional programme tutored by a team of 60 trained intergenerational/ multicultural volunteers from community and corporate partnerships. 250 additional Circle of Friends support groups will be expanded in Galway & Dublin, and introduced to new towns & villages. A national conference for older IT users will be organised.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Track record of sharing

A National Conference for older IT users will be organised inviting all present and past participants and representatives of other older people' IT programmes so that best practices can be presented and a more cooperative unified learning system can be developed for older IT users throughout Ireland.

Lessons learnt

- Scope: National