Case study: Cyberhus

Published on: 26/04/2010
Last update: 18/05/2016

Cyberhus is a Danish 100% non-profit organization located in Aarhus. Cyberhus was founded in 2004 as a partner charity under the youth charity, Ungdommens Vel ('Youth Welfare') and is today staffed by more than 70 people - mainly volunteers. Cyberhus is a virtual house or club that offers online counselling for vulnerable children and teens. Counselling is undertaken mainly by volunteer chat-counsellors, all with relevant educational backgrounds, such as teachers, pedagogues, social workers and psychology students. In December 2008 Cyberhus was ranked among the 5 best European websites for marginalized young people (E-inclusion). From September onwards Cyberhus has been chosen as the Danish helpline in the European network INSAFE.

Cyberhus is organized within the 100-year-old national association Ungdommens Vel ('Youth Welfare'), which run youth shelters, children's homes, institutions for at-risk children, therapy groups, youth hostels and continuation schools throughout Denmark:

96% of Cyberhus’ users are children and teens aged between 9 and 18. They have more then 9000 unique visitors every month. From the starting period in 2004 there were 4421 online one on one chats consultations / sessions.

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