CH: e-Inclusion - Information and Communication Technologies for an Inclusive Society

Published on: 29/01/2008
Last update: 20/09/2010

Description (short summary): The ‘e-Inclusion’ action plan sets out to contribute towards an Information Society for all. The action plan focuses on sections of society which are excluded from the benefits of Information Society to a large extent: older people, people with disabilities and immigrants. The document indentifies points of focus, upon which network members develop and implement projects.

The four main points included in the action plan are support for:

  • equality of access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and their use by all;
  •  the necessary skills for using ICT;
  • cultural identity and linguistic diversity in relation to the integration of everyone;
  • quality of life using ICT, particularly for older people and people with disabilities.

Number of pages:
English version: 9
French version: 10
German version: 10
Italian version: 9

Nature of documentation: Policy/Strategy papers


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