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CH: The use of the Internet by seniors

Published on: 31/03/2010
Last update: 24/09/2010

Description (short summary):  
In the framework of the 'Digital inclusion in Switzerland' network, during the autumn of 2009 the University of Zurich carried out on behalf of Pro Senecute Switzerland and the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) a representative survey on the barriers facing seniors in their use of ICT. In the same breath, the authors set up a catalogue of measures aimed at enhancing the inclusion of this population group.

Today the Internet is of such importance that it is more difficult to access some information and services without it. Seniors are particularly affected by this 'digital divide'. The representative survey was conducted in Switzerland among 1105 persons of over 65 years-old in order to collect information on the way they use the Internet and to identify their needs, expectations, fears and competences. The respondents fall into two camps, on the one hand those who surf the web on a regular basis and on the other hand, those who generally do not use this communication means. It seems that one third of the respondents who do not use the Internet would like to use it. Clearly, due to the obstacles currently hindering web access, many persons do not dare to try using the Internet or believe that the game is not worth the candle....

The full report is in German and a summary of it is available in both French and German.

Number of pages:
Full report (in German): 86
Summary (in German): 5
Summary (in French): 5

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