Children teach parents (childrenteachparents)

Published on: 11/09/2008
The non-traditional method "Children teach their parents" in the city of Litvinov has created unusual favourable results with the social excluded. Favourable results have been achieved not only in computer and Internet knowledge, but also nurturing better relations between children and parents, family and school. Children were the main active element – that was the important innovation. Experiences have shown that parents can learn from children (ICT literacy) and children can learn from parents (concern effort during learning, wish to overcome barriers and difficulties). Children have pushed on parents to attend the course with the own goal to learn about ICT too.

Description of target users and groups

Litvinov is the industrial town in the northwest part of Czech republic, with some 27,000 inhabitants. About 6,100 inhabitants live in housing estate Janov, and more than half of them are from Roma community. A community of Vietnamese and some persons from Slovak republic live here too.

Technology solution

Technology choice: Standards-based technology

Main results, benefits and impacts

Tutors educated in all courses 451 persons (226 children and 225 adults). Interest of courses has exceeded expectation (360 persons), 33 children and 39 adults passed courses repeatedly. Success results have scored 67,2 % adult clients (planned expectation 65 %). The score and first of all interest of additional education for adults has been the achievement. The growing number of adult clients from the first to the last semester has been pleasant: 28 men and 97 women have been successful. This skill is very important in employment. Courses include searching jobs on Internet, creating own CV and sending requests for free places by e-mail. 14 persons gained employment during courses. Nobody has expected the success, all clients with this hit have been very happy Last but not least family relations have been fixed and relations family/school visually improved during courses, especially by regular course clients. Children non attending courses have been less active in comparison with their classmates – clients in courses. Pupils – clients are better in school attendance and school reports too.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Cooperation between children and parents in these courses has helped them not only to improve their ITC knowledge or to find a job, it also contributes to better relations and harmony in the families and among the community. Scope: Local (city or municipality)