ePractice Journal-Implementing eAccessibility as a service quality factor- Vol.10-September 2010

Published on: 15/09/2010
Last update: 04/06/2014

The European Journal of ePractice is a peer-reviewed online publication on eTransformation, launched in November 2007. The Journal belongs to the ePractice.eu community, is sponsored by the European Commission as part of its good practice exchange activity and is run by an independent Editorial Board.

The aim of European Journal of ePractice (EJeP) is to reinforce the visibility of papers as well as that of professionals in eTransformation building an author's community which will strengthen the overall ePractice.eu activity. The publication promotes the diffusion and exchange of good practice in eGovernment, eHealth and eInclusion and is open access, free of any charge to all readers.

The current issue on 'Implementing eAccessibility as a service quality factor' primarily acknowledges that eAccessibility addresses mainstream and asks for respecting accessibility criteria in all eSystems and eServices as an inherent service quality factor. Only on such a basis can aging people and people with disabilities with their AT access and interact with mainstream systems and services. Also, standards and laws underline the growing awareness and importance of eAccessibility as a requirement in an aging society. But eAccessibility in practice still presents challenges. Therefore, aside from benefits, this issue highlights challenges, describing particular situations where extra motivation might be needed in order to take eAccessibility into account.

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