EU: Roadmap for Inclusive eGovernment in the Western Balkans

Published on: 10/12/2008
Last update: 03/02/2009

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The Regional Inclusive eGovernment Roadmap contains research-based conclusions and recommendations for policymakers from the Western Balkans region towards achieving the satisfactory level of inclusiveness of eGovernment services in order to put the citizens in the heart of information society development, and strengthen the relations between the citizens and state institutions.

These guidelines stress the need for regional networking and building synergy in this field for both within the context of the process of Euro-integration and bettering the lives of the people. These developments will signifi cantly contribute to building stable democracy in the Western Balkans.

The main objectives to be pursued by the Regional Inclusive eGovernment Roadmap are:

  • Countering digital exclusion when public services are provided online;
  • Creating and implementing ICT-enabled inclusive policies tailored to local needs and context.

The Regional Inclusive eGovernment Roadmap also takes account of the options for administrative actions resented in the report on the Analysis of European target groups related to inclusive eGovernment prepared by the European Commission on behalf of the ad-hoc subgroup within Western Balkans, and regional initiatives, especially the eSEE Initiative of the Stability Pact.

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