GL: Global E-government Web Accessibility: A Case Study

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The number of persons with disabilities accessing eGovernment is growing, although this growth has not come without issues. Although some countries have legal protection to ensure equal access to websites, including eGovernment sites, the mere presence of a law does not guarantee compliance.

This research examines the accessibility of eGovernment websites for 12 developing and developed countries. The research found that there were serious accessibility issues for all eGovernment sites, even those whose governments claimed adherence to accessibility standards or legislation. The results show a variety of accessibility problems with the sites, but most issues were centered on a minority of specific industry checkpoint errors, such as lack of providing alternate text for images. It is suggested that Web developers implement design recommendation provided in industry standards to improve the accessibility rankings of their sites and provide more open sites to people with disabilities.

Number of pages: 16

Nature of documentation: Conference-seminar-meeting proceeding


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