GL: The symbolic dimension of ICT and collective self-realisation

Published on: 13/12/2009
Last update: 24/01/2011

Description (short summary): Natives of China, the Hmong are an ethnic minority which, in the course of its history, has often experienced migration and cohabitation with larger populations and cultures. 30 years after their installation in West, mainly in the United States and in France, discourses referring to the Hmong are multiplying on Internet through sites, newsgroups or blogs.

What is the future of minority identities in a context of the transnationalisation of cultures? What does it mean for a community like the Hmong to connect on the global communication network that is the Internet? Using the idea of ‘shared community’, this paper will analyse how the symbolic universe of information and communication technologies articulates with the aspirations of collective self-realisation of a diaspora such as the Hmong.

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