IE: Interventions for Sustainable Employment in the Information Society for Disadvantaged Groups

Published on: 17/11/2007
It is clear that key social challenges - such as long-term unemployment andeducational disadvantage - are restricting the movement of women and menexperiencing disadvantage into sustainable employment in the information society. At the same time, many individuals have been supported in their transition to sustainable IS employment through innovative EMPLOYMENT Initiative projects across Europe that addressed these socio-economic challenges. This article will first discuss the findings from evaluations of two interventions in Ireland; both took place in the same disadvantaged urban community but had different target groups, interventions methodologies, and outcomes. The article will conclude with a description of a new IST research project, KISEIS, that will build on initial lessons by studying key interventions across Europe for sustainable employment in the information society for disadvantagedgroups.

Susan O'Donnell and Carmel Duggan

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